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Flexible end-to-end infrastructure monitoring

GroundWork is specifically built for organizations managing an ever-evolving blend of legacy systems, virtual environments, containers, applications, and complex hybrid cloud environments. By leveraging pre-built connectors and flexible API endpoints, GroundWork enables lightning-fast deployments, seamless scalability, and delivers critical infrastructure metrics in a single unified view.

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Automated continuous discovery and monitoring for Amazon, Azure, VMware, Google Cloud, NetApp and more.

Your monitoring toolbox just got a lot bigger

Open architecture and APIs for easy integration with other management tools and systems.

Role-based access controls, single sign-on, and modular integration of web-based applications.

Network Inventory Scanning that builds a topology map of every device on your network to eliminate blind spots.

Customizable dashboards and reports that display filtered views of specific categories of IT infrastructure monitor network health or SLAs.

Easy export of business-relevant metrics to your preferred Business Intelligence tools.

Log analysis and consolidation through Elastic Stack helps identify the needles in your log haystack.

Dynamic alert thresholds tailored to your environment remove noise and keep you focused on the important information.

Customizable escalation protocols based on event types such as elapsed time or acknowledgement of known issues.

Flexible notification templates that integrate with ticketing and service management systems, alerting services, or email servers.

Rapid creation and deployment of custom endpoints

GroundWork has a unique ability to easily monitor virtually any device on your network. Physical and virtual systems, servers, routers, networks, storage resources, web servers, application servers, cloud systems, and containers can be added as custom endpoints in minutes. Create dashboards specifically tailored to the metrics critical for your business to ensure that every potential failure point of your infrastructure is covered. 

Containerized components for easy upgrade and management

GroundWork was built to be updated and managed in the field. To meet your SLAs we understand that monitoring can never go down which is why all of our platform components are containerized. Update or replace individual scripts, monitors, or endpoints without interruption to the monitoring system.  

Customizable alerts and escalation protocols

When you are bound to high-availability SLA, there’s no time to sit back and wonder why a system is failing. GroundWork monitors every single corner of your network so you will know within seconds if there is an issue. Customizable alerts and escalation protocols ensure that you know exactly what is wrong and that the right people are notified. 

World class support

Every aspect of GroundWork is fully supported and managed by our team of world-class technicians. We are always available to help troubleshoot issues, consult on deployments, or help you scale your operations. You also get access to our global network of implementation partners to support your needs and help you hit your targets.

Flexible pricing that lets you scale

GroundWork is a cost-effective means to manage your demanding and complex IT environment. The platform is priced to give you the power to scale up or down as needed. Because you only pay for only what you monitor, you decrease monitoring costs and can better allocate finite resources.

Built to work the way you work

“Our data center is bound to an SLA and GroundWork helps us beat our uptime targets. With GroundWork, we can deploy monitoring fast across all our endpoints, even legacy and custom systems. We've tried other monitoring tools and the flexibility of GroundWork is miles ahead – we can monitor just about anything"

David Smithson, CEO at Amoeba Networks

GroundWork is a lightweight and extensible monitoring platform built for enterprise IT and managed service providers with demanding infrastructure environments governed by SLAs.